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Myana's infatuation with cosmetics started at the young age of 15 when she was forced to learn how to apply a full face of makeup while being professionally trained for Miss Marianas Teen in 2006. She won that pageant and went on to represent her country in the International pageant. The former queen she was trained by always told her, "never walk out of your house unless you look like you just walked off the page of a magazine." No pressure right?

In her mid 20's she said she started to notice her skin would break out more, her eyes would be bloodshot and irritated, and her pores where getting clogged even though she was using non comedogenic and ophthalmologist recommended products.  She modeled professionally for six years and had makeup from numerous MUA's painted onto her face on the regular. "I don't even want to talk about the skin horror stories I have for what bad makeup has done to me," she said when asked about the downsides of not knowing what was being used on her face. "I used to think it was just me, that I just had bad skin." 

Myana felt like she was aging faster than normal, so she quickly became obsessive over ingredients. She slowly dumped ingredients from her vanity and like magic, her skin healed quickly, her eyes cleared, and she says her skin started to feel better than it did ten years ago!

This is the analogy she created to describe makeup on the market today. You have a choice between two crayons, both are red. One company says, "hey, just make the color red. I don't care what it takes. The cheaper the better, we have a marketing team that will make it look expensive!" and then you have "Hey, make the color red, but remember, children will be using these so try not to use anything that might hurt them if they touch it or eat it."

Myana will help you find the right crayons...or makeup. 

Artistry is her passion. Natural cosmetics are now giving those toxic pots that we call makeup a run for its money!

It's her goal to show you there is no need to compromise your beauty routine for healthy ingredients. More importantly, her manic desire for perfection will have you 

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