Why choose us...

Women don't realize that everyday they bombard their bodies with cancerous carcinogens, toxins, and goodness know what else just by doing what they think is a harmless beauty routine. Our goal here at Color Me Pure is to help you find the most effective natural products so that your skin is actually healthier AFTER you've taken all your makeup off. The main problem we've noticed with natural products is that...well...they're TOO natural. You look like a native Indian Princess when you were trying to go for Nicole Scherzinger in "Don't cha." 

We will give you the best of both worlds. Top class Make up artistry without skimping on the quality of the ingredients. 

We do weddings, birthdays, Balls, photoshoots and many more event looks and styles. We also provide the service to help you revamp your personal vanity at no additional cost.

Our philosophy is this:

You can buy new shoes and a new dress,

but you only have one face.